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Why Is the Quality of Electrical Services Important?

You may be lured into performing your own electrical work or having a local jack of all trades come into your home for some basic electrical repairs. However, you are doing yourself and your family a disservice, and possibly exposing your home and family to dangerous conditions, when you fail to have a qualified professional perform necessary electrical services.
When considering the quality of electrical services, there are three important reasons for having a professional electrician do your electrical work: the safety of your family and home, efficacy — or the ability to do the job properly — and adherence to local building codes.

1. Electrical Services and Safety

Everyone is aware of the dangers of electrical shock or electrocution when touching a live wire or dropping a blow dryer in the bathtub. However, most people don't realize all of the potential hazards associated with substandard electrical work.
Professional electricians always use the proper gauge of wire for every installation, which is often an expensive proposition. Amateurs may be tempted to use cheaper lighter gauge wiring, which is also easier to connect. However, this exposes the circuit to overheating as the wiring struggles to handle a level of current beyond its capacity.
This could result in a house fire, especially when wiring begins overheating inside walls and ceilings. Loose or bare wire connections can also create potential fire hazards as well as the danger of electric shock as bare wires come into contact with metal appliances or light fixtures.
Professional electricians will also be aware of adverse conditions inside the home that may compromise electrical safety. This includes the use of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in wet or damp locations, which are equipped with automatic shutoffs when grounding conditions are compromised. Service cannot be restored to the outlets until the danger of electric shock has passed.

2. Efficacy and Quality Workmanship in Electrical Services

While services such as replacing an outlet or a light switch are relatively simple, you still want the replacement performed with care if only to avoid a second appointment for the same service. This inconvenience multiplies exponentially when you have more extensive services performed such as adding additional wiring and circuits to your home.
Running sheaths of wiring through finished walls and ceilings can be a time-consuming and messy process. If it is done correctly, it can ease the burden caused by the steady increase of electrical gadgets on an already strained system. However, if the new circuits are underpowered or improperly connected, you will be faced with the prospect of additional visits and expenses while still having power for your home.
Professional electricians will also be able to determine when to add a sub-panel to your breaker box instead of just adding more lines to the existing panel simply because of the availability of open slots for new circuit breakers. Adding a necessary sub-panel provides for future growth and ameliorates the possibility of system overloads.

3. Electrical Services and Building Codes

While electrical services and repairs can usually be performed safely without strict adherence to municipal building codes, they may present a problem if you ever decide to sell your home. If electrical building code violations are found during inspection, the electrical work will need to be redone with adherence to code before the home can receive an approval.
This adds an additional burden to the already stressful and expensive task of selling a home.
The best part about having quality electrical services performed is that you don't need to pay more for excellence. You just need to find the right electrical professional. If you're in the area around Piedmont, South Carolina, you can trust Lee Electrical Enterprise to provide quality workmanship for all of your electrical needs.